Use Cases


Initially, a client was only looking to measure the temperature of their equipment, however our system detected an unusual increase in the RMS vibration of their pump. 
We discovered that the pump was not providing the proper pressure, causing the polymer it was stabilizing to freeze. 

This issue was detected 2 hours in advance of a critical system failure.


A client requested used our solution to monitor an aluminum crusher. During the equipment’s operation, we noticed an increase in kurtosis, signaling an issue with the machine. 


Maintenance was recommended, which reduced the kurtosis levels back to nominal values.


A dashboard was also installed in their main office to provide constant data visibility.


A client installed our solution to monitor four of their mixers. A unique model of each of their mixers was created during an initial learning period.


Using RMS vibration and kurtosis, we were able to detect the clogging of a pump filter. 


Dashboards were installed at the facility to provide the operational status of each of the mixers.

Food & Beverage

A client used our solution to monitor the injection pumps at their wine production facility. 


Dashboards were installed to grant data visibility and the operational status of each pump.


After the initial learning period, an equipment model was created for each injection pump. This model was used to detect pump clogging.